Matthew Dunling is the forth Generation of the Dunling family to enter horticulture. Matthew is dedicated to helping the grower achieve the best results by providing the equipment to help them grow the best crops
Having started out in horticulture 1975, Victor Lambert worked as MD of Van Vliet and then Hortimax, before starting Horticultural Solutions Ltd in 2007.


    Matthew David Dunling  is the Fourth generation of the Dunling family who is a professional commercial grower.Having worked with his Father Grahame at FDM Herbs he is fully aware of the challenges involved in designing high intensity solution culture systems. Our knowledge and expertise saw the development of customized Horticultural systems for over 20 years.

    The H.G.S system features not only new technology but also incorporates high technology growing greenhouse equipment such as UV nutrient treatment, filters and automated nutrient and greenhouse control. The media used to raise and support the seedlings needs to be suitable for this purpose.Soil has been avoided for this reason. Most of the systems are Rock-wool based and systems can also incorporate new lighting technology that has been designed by H.G.S and purpose built.

    Matthew and his partners can now provide the latest horticultural technology worldwide. We also have links with the best machinery companies in Asia who can custom make for you.  

  • Recirculation of water and nutrients keeps cost down
  • Inert material for plant growth that is either recycled and used as fuel
  • By growing local food, transport cost are kept to a minimum therefore cutting fuel miles.
  • Produce could either be cut and sold from site or supplied to local shops for same day sale, therefore
  • produce has a better shelf life and in turn has more flavour
  • Local food = local jobs, also makes use of redundant urban buildings.
  • Takes the myth out of growing ( you do not need muddy boots)
  • Growing in a clean room and growing your own plants you are therefore growing better and healthier produce.

Hydroponic Growing systems Ltd can now offer our Commercial clients brand new Lighting  this is not a hobby system it is based on what Large Scale Growers use, We have designed a full working room for growing plants.