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    We have a Business Model that can be rolled out world wide for food security and the  reduction of Food miles                          

    Horticultural director Grahame Dunling, who is the third generation of the Dunling family who is a professional commercial grower, has been aware of the challenges involved in designing high intensity solution culture systems. Grahame's knowledge and expertise saw the development of customized Horticultural systems for over 20 years; the system will incorporate the use of the latest technology in soilless growing media.

    TheVertical Growing system features not only new technology in tray loading machinery and customized growing channels, but also incorporates high technology growing greenhouse equipment such as UV nutrient treatment, filters and automated nutrient and greenhouse control , the media used to raise and support the seedlings needs to be suitable for this purpose. Rockwool has been avoided for this reason, the system will also incorporate new lighting technology that has been designed by HGS and purpose built.

    Having set up HGS in the hope of promoting, sustainable hydroponic growing. This is a concept of growing leafy salads in an enclosed controlled insulated environment, therefore saving the waste energy that is released into the atmosphere. By using the latest growing techniques including Lighting ( LED’s). Our own design of lighting made to suit the crop with either your own spectrum or our recommended spectrum , the LED's are dimmable to save energy so you can increase the intensity as the plant grows.  The whole growing practice can be sustainable.

    Using insulated buildings keeps heating/ cooling cost down

  • Use of solar energy by using roof space
  • Recirculation of water and nutrients keeps cost down
  • Inert material for plant growth that is either recycled and used as fuel
  • By growing local food, transport cost are kept to a minimum therefore cutting fuel miles.
  • Vertical growing grows per Cubic meter not Square meter,
  • Produce could either be cut and sold from site or supplied to local shops for same day sale, therefore
  • produce has a better shelf life and in turn has more flavour
  • Local food = local jobs, also makes use of redundant urban buildings.
  • Takes the myth out of growing ( you do not need muddy boots)
  • Growing in a clean room and growing your own plants you are therefore growing better and healthier produce.

Hydroponic Growing systems can now offer our clients brand new Lighting to go with our Commercial Vertical Growing system, this is not a hobby system it is based on what Large Scale Growers use, We have designed a full working room for growing plants.

         This is a Commercial system and not for the hobby grower, this system can be redesigned to grow Fodder

  1. Sowing the seeds & watering station
  2. Germination Room
  3. Nursery Growing Area
  4. Vertical Growing system
  5. Harvesting area
  6. Packing Area
  7. All of the above is designed into a free flowing automated system ie you sow the seed ( It places the seed to the spacing you desire ) the trays move to Germination room, When the seed has germinated the trays come out and go to the Nursery area (Automated By Conveyor) here they are grown for 14 days under a lighting spectrum that is our own branded design. From here they move to a differant system where they recieve a Spectrum of lighting to suit the growth again Our Branded design, They remain on here untill havest where they move and are harvested and the trays washed to be reused again.
  8. The packing can be automated to the point where it is even labeled.
  9. Full documentation for traceability even to where the seed was bred can be put in place.
  10. All of the above is controlled by a BMS system for temperature & Humidity, All the nutrients are injected separately at every watering so there is NO salt build up and all Nutrients are recycled.