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Commercial hydroponic growing is an eco- friendly option for food production systems.

Everything to do with  hydroponic growing systems is recyclable, the water and feed is re-circulated and reused. Some growing media can be washed and reused although this is not as a rule used by commercial Growers

No run-off to pollute the environment

(recirculation systems have been used for nearly 25 years by commercial growers.)

So now you can feed the Human population and with the waste product you can recycle and use as an energy provider. This makes Hydroponic systems fully sustainable, Of course commercial growers who grow in Glasshouses have been using these systems for 20 + years. We have been using CHP units for over 10 years there is very little that is "new" to the commercial grower it has just been kept in-house.

So if you want the very latest in design of greenhouses then we can arrange everything for you. 

Take it to another level and what a product and concept we have!

A product that can grow a lettuce or a leafy salad crop that people can eat, While the root and matting is rolled up and used as fuel to heat the system. There is a potential for developing countries by using this for FODDER UNITS which means better nutrition for the farm animals, which in turn leads to increased milk supply and better quality meat. Therefore helping the Human population.