Ebb Flood Trays

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       The two most important elements in all life come to have far more meaning in growing a good crop. 
           without this important element nothing in the world can survive. Yet we as human beings tend to take this commodity                   for granted. By using an Ebb and Flood method of growing combined with a re-circulation system you can save this                     precious commodity. By watering this way the plant only takes the water that is needed for the plant to grow. 
           By using the Ebb-Flood method of water you are also introducing Air into the equation. Everytime you water you are                     introducing O2 in the water to the root system.This allows the roots to take more nutrients up which result in a healthier              plant. When the drain action starts then this forces the water out from the tray therefore creating pressure on the roots                  which again help to create a healthy root system. 

   Hydroponic Growing Systems are a distributor of Stall and Plast Ebb-Flow benches. Stall and Plast are considered the best         of the best when it comes down to ebb and flow systems. Hydroponic Growing Systems can offer you advice on which grow       method to choose for your desired crop. Many first time Investors or 'new' growers do not understand the basics and this is         where we help and advise on this.