Indoor Growing 

The Wind Capture System is a renewable energy system that unlike Solar & Wind Turbine units actually works 24 hrs a day and is run by the latest AI Control system. This system will change the format of Indoor Vertical Growing.

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 Warehouse or Vertical growing has been gaining a lot of press both good and bad.

So Indoor Warehouse Growing (IWG) has been around for several years now, there has been some failures along the way. Sadly, there has not been that many if any real successes stories. However, we aim to change all that as we have been leading the way by building and designing for others in the background for over 12 years now. Everyone makes the same mistakes over and over and no one thinks out of the box as to HOW CAN WE CHANGE THIS TO WORK.

Indoor Warehouse Growing                                                                                                                                                                                                 By using the commercial experience of Greenhouse growing and adapting these to building of an IWG Operation we can make these operations far more efficient and for the first time make them commercially viable. 

Our unique way of building a facility and cooling it makes the operation far more efficient in energy usage.  We have also been leading the way in LED design and lowering the heat generated from the light and what heat they produce we use to bring the needed nighttime to daytime temperature.

By growing inside a warehouse, we can achieve the Growers dream of having the perfect climate for the perfect crop. The issue here is the warehouse Growers do not know how to grow Commercially.

Now as we mentioned earlier the use of LED’s is needed in an IWG Operation but again by using the innovative minds of the founders and thinking out of the box we actually lowered the Capital and Opex by 50%. This alone adds a significant amount to the bottom line without having to increase prices.

Most LED’s are under the influence of the big lighting companies whose aim is to sell LED’s and not to sell the best way to use LED’s .

By thinking outside the box and always thinking of the next innovation and how to improve have come up with the ‘DNA’ breakdown of lighting.

Most companies use Red , Blue spectrum and now add a warm white Diode to give the impression of a ‘white’ daylight spectrum LED.

Hydroponic Growing Systems have been innovating this since there conception and we use a LED that works in harmony with the grow system to grow quality plants and to bring the outside light inside.

Now the suns rays actually do not stay constant throughout the day and this means that the spectrum actually changes during the day.

We have thought of that and have a 1st generation led and the 2nd generation is under development.

So we really are bringing the outside inside and with the next generation we will be even closer to the sunlight spectrum making our Indoor Warehouse Growing far more efficient than any Greenhouse operation.

This will allow us to harvest any type of crop 356 days a year and replicate any climate and light level needed to grow any type of plant.