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Induction Lighting  

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It’s simple. Lights are a tool for growing plants. The only agricultural light technology built for this single purpose, Induction Lighting is the best tool for the job. Using induction technology, Induction incorporates the best known plant science technology for plant production into the most efficient, longest lasting light available today. If growing is your business and livelihood, then you know that better tools equal better production. More than just a great light for your plants, the economics of iGROW is what really separates it from every other light on the market by growing great plants, while saving you money.

•Induction lasts 5 times longer than HID and twice as long as LED

•Induction bulbs and ballasts are guaranteed for 5 years and the data shows it will last for 10.

•Induction uses 60% less electricity than a 1000 watt HID

•Induction produces so little heat, you will use 70% less power to cool your room

We are so confident in the technology that we give a 3 year guarantee both on the light and the Ballast

Better light technology, better science, better results...

HID VS. Induction

At Hydroponic Growing Systems we pride ourselves on educating you the consumer. Once you are educated on the Induction technology, making the change to Induction will make all the sense in the world. Being in the consumer and commercial agriculture business, we immediately recognized the opportunity and advantages this idea could bring to the growers and farmers throughout the world. A high quality, low energy, low temperature, and long lasting light source could change everything we know about greenhouse and indoor growing.

Induction Lighting changes the economics of growing under roof, making it far more economical to become a grower for subsistence farming or professional farming.

We are honored and grateful to have this great opportunity to bring you this technology to help feed the planet now and into the future. Designed by top lighting experts, the Fixture incorporates minimal use of materials with very efficient heat dissipation and durability. Its sleek, lightweight, low profile design is best used very close to your plant canopy for optimum light intensity, and is easy to raise and lower.

It delivers a unique blanket of light evenly, from end-to-end and side-to-side, unlike any other fixture available.Best uses:

•Primary light reflector for indoor growing

•Large seed and propagation areas

•Flood tables and large potted plants

•Covers end to end inside a standard grow tent

•Optimum coverage area: 4' x 4'

•Perfect for large indoor farms where they can be mounted end-to-end and side-to-side, for a complete and uninterrupted flow of light over your entire area

•Optimum very low heat allows for use in smaller areas where ventilation is a problem.

Induction Lighting is one of Tesla’s greatest gifts to mankind. We think Tesla would be very happy to know that his light technology has been developed to be the finest agricultural light, once again beating out Edison. We are very proud that iGROW and Hydroponic Growing Systems can help keep Tesla’s inventions and legacy alive and well into the 21st century and beyond.