Inert Media

 So what is inert media ?

An inert grow medium is a type of grow media that contains no nutrients. In general, a good grow medium ensures that plant roots have a place to anchor and retains moisture at the same time. 

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‘Growing’ mats for the food industry, including Urban Farming. Products are microbiologically tested in an Independent Laboratory.

As an alternative to peat, our growing mats provide media for the propagation of microleaf, microherbs, teenie greens and baby leaf. These products are generally recommended for use with hydroponic systems but can be combined with peat/compost nutrients as well as with capillary matting.

Available in rolls 0.5m – 4.3m wide. Standard length 50m.

Roll lengths can also be supplied to match required application.

Also available as cut pads to order as required, down to punnet size.

Lightweight rolls and mats - Easy to handle, reduced set up time, ease of harvest

Natural fibre based systems - Good water absorption and retention, speeds up germination time, less prone to bacterial growth, biodegradable

Needlefelt technology with built in scrim - High aeration at root level, dimensional stability and resilience
A wool rich fibre based growth media product with superior water retention and an open structure to promote rapid germination and plant growth. 
A superior growth media providing high water retention, light reflection and an open structure to promote rapid germination and plant growth.