So what makes us different, well we have been working with commercial growers who know how to grow and what the plants want and need? Our KEY People have over 60 year’s experience; they are people who know growing inside out. If you are thinking of investing in a farm then our team of experts can do the due diligence and financials for you. The team has worked for some of the worlds leading companies in horticulture.

We know the commercial growing world and have the systems ready to build.  They are bolt together systems that can range from small to very large units, they can be fully automated or a manual system.
Come and
join us and enjoy the ride and help change the world for real and not in the fantasy world.

Other companies have not worked in Horticulture all their lives and they do not know how a commercial growing facility works, they do not know we use No Pesticides, We RECIRCULATE all the water, We use automation like you would not believe possible. 


This format can be rolled out worldwide

We give Facts not Fiction.

Increases productivity

Producing yields up to ten times greater than traditional greenhouses, and up to 100 times greater than conventional field agriculture on a per square mtr basis.

Year-round production = Year-round revenue

Due to the controlled, indoor environment, ( exactly like Glasshouse growers do now, This is not new technology ) we can produce crops 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means stable and consistent revenue for our facility's owners/operators.

Strengthens local economy