Hydroponic Growing 

 The Wind Capture System is a renewable energy system that unlike Solar & Wind Turbine units actually works         24 hrs a day and is run by the latest AI Control system. This system will change the format of both Greenhouse &   Warehouse Growing.

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   Our aim always has been to Grow quality plants at an affordable cost to both the producer and consumer. 

  Now by taking a design that we know works and redesigning it we have come up with a new energy producing            grow system. Add to this an air moving system and all this adds up to a unique system for quality crops using the      best COGS.

  Now imagine in the Dessert & very hot climates you need to control the humidity as well as the temperature.              What better way to do it than control a small area and move this into a large area and keep recirculating it.                Where a Pad & Fan System sucks air through a water pad and into the greenhouse and this is drawn through the        greenhouse and then out through a fan. So basically all the cooled air is blown outside and hot air is brought            inside again and this cycle starts again.  Everything is working harder and harder as the day goes on Using gallons    of water as well as electricity  
  Our system keeps using the air again and again all the time producing energy through our wind Capture unit. 
  Inside the wind tunnel we place our Wind Capture units and the air moves through these turbines to create energy    and the air flows through the tubes into the greenhouse and moves the hot air upwards and the roof fans move        the air through the greenhouse and back round the system again. 
To the right is a greenhouse in Bahrain that we used AC unit to cool a greenhouse in the middle of summer.

This worked without any usage of the cooling pad & Fan system. This was also a new aeroponic system that we tried against a rockwool grown crop. 

The rockwool outperformed by have better quality crops and a higher yield.