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                            THE FARM OF THE FUTURE TODAY 

We want to plant the seeds for something quite different in our facility in Hull, Yorkshire. Using the latest hydroponics technology, we will be growing delicious, nutritious Baby Leaf -greens and herbs without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Our revolutionary farming methods use up to 95 percent less water. Our own Branded LED's are energy-efficient and aim the light at the plant. However our LED's replicate the sun more than any other LED on the market today. they also allow us to grow all crops.

Our mission for this project is to grow the BEST produce possible and deliver the highest Gourmet quality and  all GROWN Locally. 

The whole concept is to have the produce growing inside a building which produces the good tasting Salad based food  which  gives the flavour back to the basics of quality Gourmet food. Our Cress is the Old Fashioned type that has a full pepper flavour to it. This will be a first for the UK and this will be based in Hull. 


Redesigning the future.

Power is one of the Biggest factors in growing inside a warehouse. However our team have been innovating the industry for years and warehouse growing is no exception. From using the circadian clock to work with the plant for the best time to feed the plant to the best time to allow the plant to sleep. Right through to knowing when to accelerate the plants growth to enhance the flavour. We have now unlocked the Heliotropism of plant parts to further this WOW factor of plant growth. 

    Fresh, Delicious, Nutritious Salads.

  Our Salads are not messed with, They are grown from seeds in a controlled environment and                      given the perfect conditions. Our Salads have flavour beyond belief and bring the                                                                           wow factor back to Salads.