We are now available to introduce the unique growing system that delivers exactly what the plant needs. Plants are living things just like a human and NON growing experts try to give them what they want 24 hrs a day BUT THEY FAIL. As they give them what they think the plant needs not what the plant wants. Think about how VF Work for the plants, they use LED Lighting and it turns on and off at a timed process.
We treat the plants as a living baby (THINK ABOUT IT)
1 :: A seed germinates it needs feeding but only small amounts and regular and a weaker blend of feed.  (as a baby is born it needs milk regular)
2 :: As the plant grows it then gets more leaves so what does it need, More space, Light & more feed (Just as a baby grows into a toddler)  
3 ::  Then when the plant reaches the optimum growth period you start to give it the adult feed so it has the needed energy to sustain the harvest and packing period which leads to a fresher plant for the consumer. 
We can also offer advise on the best way to adapt your system for the crop needed to ensure a commercial product can be harvested. We are now selling the Viemose Dg grow system for either Warehouse Vertical Growing, or Greenhouse Growing. This system can be full automated from sowing through to harvest.
Started in 1947 Viemose Dg are a leading horticultural company who like ourselves are constantly innovating the industry.
From start up to problem solving, daily rates apply.

 We have advised commercial growers around the world.

From the UK back in 2005 Right through to the present day

We are aiming to turn the Warehouse Horticultural industry into a viable growing option. The whole industry is in turmoil with the Power crisis and high expenses. We have unrivaled experience in the Vertical Farming and Commercial Growing industry, building the very first AUTOMATED vertical farm in the UK in 2008. Using the latest hydroponics technology & innovating our unique designs which will add affordability to allow the growing of crops inside warehouses without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Everyone shouts about the savings made by Vertical Farming. YET all Vertical Farms say the same things like We save water, We grow quicker, We can grow as much as 250 x as much as a normal farm, We use no pesticides. (no one focuses on the real issues of growing) 

How many actually produce food ? They produce baby leaf or Micro Greens and how many Farms grow these. 
Think about how a greenhouse works and these crops grow quickly in the summer months and are produced in quantity. VF does not produce consistent quality or quantity as yet. 

We focus on what the REAL LIFE ISSUES, and also one of Kw POWER SAVING ( this is not to be confused with energy efficiency) 

The biggest breakthrough is in Wind Capture & LED technology that we have developed over the last 6 years of growing inside warehouses in Dubai. So due to our decades of experience in the industry as GROWERS we are well placed to know the how to grow crops BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we know how to save money but keep quality or to keep COGS under control. We have the innovation and know the technical improvements needed to make this type of business a viable option. 

Redesigning the future.

  1:: The biggest issue is one of power usage, we can reduce the actual Power consumption of LED's by                  50%. We have been innovating the industry for years and warehouse growing is no exception. Our unique              Led lighting system saves 50% of power usage as well as other Capital savings amounting to 30%. This makes a            Vertical Farming growing unit more viable and will allow the UK to grow salads crops to be proud off. 

  2:: By implementing a wind capture system we can save considerable power and Carbon Emissions .                                           We can improve the air   flow and lower heating cost as the air moves around more even. By using our system the air             actually moves around easier and more even. This is because as the same air is moving it gets lighter so for the same               power it moves easier which in turn lowers the consumption of power. 

  3::  The biggest saving is in work flow. The site has to be commercially viable to work, by this we mean the site has to           be designed correctly so everything runs smoothly. 
  4::  The Quality has to be good. If the product is poor then what is causing this issue and this has to be addressed as             this effects the COGS and is often overlooked by inexperienced growers or by poor management teams from                   outside the industry.   

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