Our roots will be planted in Yorkshire & Grow to cover the world    By this we mean we mean the concept that has been proved in Dubai. The concept of warehouse growing in a very harsh country, is one that proves this works. The thought of growing quality crops all year round @ 50c outside temperature is amazing. Due to the Local Demand for high quality Gourmet  produce. After all why have the best Restaurants and not grow the best Gourmet food to supply them . We helped to set up not one but three companies that deliver the best Flavours , Texture  and bring that unique WOW factor to locally grown produce.
Of course warehouse growing is not only about growing Leafy Greens or Micro-Herbs. Due to the climate changes taking place and the need for Local food security this type of growing is needed more and more.
Now we all know and have read and seen the hype of indoor vertical growing and Micro herbs. But have you noticed not one of these have been built by commercial growers .
Now we have a concept that can be made anywhere in the world by Local companies. So in Yorkshire we have a system made by a local company, Trays made by a local company, Installation by Local companies. So not only are we called Local Salads we will truly bring the word Local to everything. We will create jobs for the local companies and bring some positives back for the local community.

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We want to plant the seeds for something quite different in a warehouse in Hull, Yorkshire. Using the latest hydroponics technology, we will be growing delicious,  nutritious Baby Leaf -greens and herbs without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Our revolutionary farming methods use up to 95 percent less water, they are energy-  efficient and sustainable.

 Our mission for this project is to grow the BEST produce possible and deliver the highest Gourmet quality and  all GROWN Locally. 

 We are going to start a farming revolution in the UK and roll it out worldwide, similar to a McDonalds or Starbucks model.  Our passion for fresh, locally grown produce is what drives us.  And the demand for gourmet leafy greens all year-round is what has inspired us.

 This is a new initiative move towards the advancement of agriculture. The Worldwide Local Salads Ltd   growing facility has been born after 12 years working & Leading the industry. We will use the  latest  technology to provide locally fresh produce on a daily basis against the harsh Climate anywhere in the world. The objective of the project is to contribute to the development  of the  agricultural sector , as well as aiding any country to achieve its goal to be self sustainable in terms of local fresh produce. The project will  help to  provide  food security by aiming to produce quality crops as standard. The project aims to limit the import of fresh  produce by providing local  produce that is of high quality and  is competitively priced when compared to imported produce in the market. The crops locally produced will be of a better  quality than imported crops which  are potentially damaged  during transportation, storage and handling. This method is seen as high investment and multi million investment . We aim to deliver a system that is affordable to the smaller grower and the Local grower allowing the advancement of the smaller grower to join a Business with global buying power for the smaller grower therefore lowering cost but allowing them to be part of a Global Brand. 

                                                                              Fresh, Delicious, Nutritious Salads.

Our Salads are not messed with, They are grown from seeds in a controlled environment and given the perfect conditions. Our Salads have flavour beyond belief and bring the wow factor back to Salads.