Led companies are saying they have the thinnest LED's around and this allows the client to have more levels. However what they do not tell you is that they require a Ballast. If the LED's require a ballast then this adds heat to the room and they require more fitting and also more cooling, this requires more outlay and also more cables and more fitting. All adds up to more chances of failure and more Maintainance.
Most LED companies are interested in selling LED units and not suppling the best LED's. 

We use 50% less leds in 95% of VF builds. 

People think a Greenhouse and a grow system is the same for every plant, this is the first mistake they make. The second and biggest is going for the cheapest price or from someone who has no commercial experience of growing and are only tring to sell systems or what the company sells.                                                                  Here at HGS Ltd we have 40 years of commercial Greenhouse and over 12 years of Warehouse Growing. 

We have built in many countries including Bahrain & Dubai and the UK to establish a commercial grow system that works in extreme conditions. 


HGS Production Module

The FlexTech / wwls production module is an innovative solution designed for the emerging city farmers. The LED technology is not only energy saving, but also permits the fixture to be situated close to the plants, because there is no heat generation. Thanks not only  to numerous research conducted with leading universities and research centers. But Commercial usage by a Leading grower of Gourmet Salads we understand the necessities of the plants and work for optimizing our light recipes. With high protection rate of IP65 and 50 000h lifespan we ensure positive growing results in any facility & also most crop types. 

By having an LED like this we go against the grain as this allows you  to change crop types and how you grow without the need for Large scale capital investment again

We have been called to some of the extreme countries to deliver Salads of quality all year round. 

As a company we have delivered these with outstanding results around the world and most recently in the Middle East.

We was THE FIRST to grow Tomatoes, Lettuce, Capsicum & Chillis from Greenhouses in Bahrain this was way back in 2014. We installed the first tomato washing line and grew Cherry tomatoes on a Large scale. 

From Bahrain we moved to Dubai to install the first Warehouse Vertical Farm in the country back in 2016.

This was a review from one customer who was amazed at our Crop quality .