Growing crop to perfection takes more than just a rack and a reconditioned building, to provide the best for the crops, every step from seeding to harvesting is crucial. We have many years of proven quality helping companies to grow for the Top Restaurants & Chefs. In Dubai, the companies supplied major supermarket groups such as Carrefour, Lulu, Geant, Alosra, Grandiose, Spinneys, Waitrose. Online platforms such as Kibsons-online, Barakat, Fresh on Table.                                                                              We have taken vertical farming to new heights - in which light, climate, water and nutrients form the optimal growing conditions for plants. The combination with sensible automation of farming processes from seeding to harvesting, reduces the workforce to only a fraction what traditional farming needs.

·      After years of working with other companies we have seen the mistakes made. One is of the lack of logistics of the media and seeds. In other words people order and the company can not deliver the needed in time. 

·      We arranged for deliveries of these components by the seed and media companies direct to each hub every 2 months of the needed quantity.

·        this ensures that we have a supply of the needed components as we give a yearly order for each HUB or for each growing location point.

·      This way we ensure that we never run out of seeds as we give one large order and not several smaller ones.

·      This leads to a better and lower price point as we order millions of media and seeds. These companies then sort deliveries out to each hub


The first company NOT to use AC Units for Heating / Cooling. Our unique system will keep the Grow Zones at a perfect balance achieving a balance in temperature, humidity and CO2. With our unique airflow principle, the climate is homogeneously distributed on each layer, always giving crops exactly what they like to grow strong and healthy.


Light is essential for crop growth, but in many vertical farming systems most of the light is producing heat directly onto the crop and this causes issues. The reflective surfaces in the Grow Zones allow light to bounce around and approach crops from all sides until it is absorbed, achieving a much higher output with the same input and large savings on energy. We have tuneable and dimmable LED lights to give the exact light needed for every crop growth stage.


Dedicated water & nutrient systems carefully mix nutrients and distributes them towards the plants. With our unique tray in bench design, we take the water and nutrients directly to the roots, giving the grower the power to decide the hydroponic watering principle and timing, so plants have exactly what they need when they want it most.


Labour is one of the biggest expenses for vertical farms, but full automation often is too expensive. Based on decades of horticulture automation experience, WWLS vertical farms automation cut labour where the impact is biggest and finds the balance between humans and machines. Automation that makes work easy, from seeding to harvesting and everything in between.


All water/feed is 100% recycled and filtered the feed, EC, PH levels are corrected at every cycle so water wastage is at the lowest possible level. The water is heated/cooled to the needed levels for the plants this is then delivered to the plants with a flow rate of 3 changes per hr as this then stabilises the feed and the O2 levels. This allows the roots of the plants to absorb all the needed nutrients for optimum growth and quality.  We are also exploring the implementation of Hydropower as we are already moving water, we can use this to generate power for our own usage.

Our unique Air handling

The air handling works at its optimum level for each grow zone. By growing in controllable zones using insulated panels, we can dramatically lower the heating/cooling needed. This also allows us to control each zone for that crop. So, we do not waste energy by cooling a large unneeded area.                                By utilising each zone to its optimum control points we can manipulate the need parameters for each specific crop.


We can use waste heat from other companies’ buildings if this is a viable option. Although by doing this they may not be any available sources near to distribution centres. We also ensure our heating cooling needs are at a minimum by using grow zones.

Co2 levels

We can also collect any waste Co2 from flue gasses and use this in the grow zones to aid plant growth. This also increase crop quality and lowers growth time. Co2 can be stored in insulated storage tanks.

Seeds / Media

By using high quality seeding methods and top-quality seeds we ensure that we have a minimum 98% germination rate across our seed range. This also ensure we do not have any wasted seeds or media. All used Media will be collected and recycled by the media company.


All our packing is going to be sustainable and compostable to ensure that we do not add waste to the environment.

We aim to do this in a sustainable way with an aim to becoming net zero by implementing the use of Solar power, Hydropower, Electric delivery vehicles and growing locally.  To make the build one of the best in the industry and a world leader.