Actually we are Better 

  How are we better ? well we use zero chemicals and all our micro greens are    grown using pure H2o. This brings the full flavour of the plant to your taste    buds this will delight any Gourmet Chef who can relay on continuity of          product therefore create a menu to be proud of.                                                                             Worldwide Local Salads  GOURMET PRODUCE

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      If you’re like most people (us included!), you think ORGANIC means                                                                                                                                    1,     No Pesticides   ( Indeed more chemical is applied in Organic to get the same results)                                                                                                        2,     No Herbicides                                                                                                                                                                                                                3,     It is Healthier than Conventional Foods  UNFORTUNATELY  THIS IS SIMPLY UNTRUE                                                                                                  It is a sad fact of life and marketing that the following happens in Organic Farming.                                                                                                                  >  Many Organic growers use conventional seeds they do this because they get a better yield                                                                                                            BUT this loses Organic status.                                                                                                                                                                                            > Many growers do not use Organic packaging. Again this loses the Organic status                                                                                                                    > Many growers do not change shoes when entering an Organic field or greenhouse, Again this loses them                                                                                    Organic status.  Read about Organic here

Organic has to be grown in soil ( Fact) there are soil borne diseases that can occur like e-coli ect,  But every watering that  happens in Organic means the soil is watered and the plants take up the nutrients from this water. But unlike Hydroponics all the excess water / feed is drained into the soil and this can affect the water table and leach into the ground water supply therefore contaminating the ground water. This can also lead to over or under watered plants causing stress

  Grahame Dunling has been a commercial grower for 40 years and has grown all types of crops including Organically, What shocked him was that in an organic     crop he could use SULPHUR where in hydroponics this was banned and deemed dangerous. 
  After looking into things in depth he decided that Hydroponics was far safer than Organics because it was cleaner and far more hygienic and more worker             friendly.   
  Also no soil meant that there is no soil borne pathogens such as e-coli or others, again in Hydroponics there is no wastage of water as there is no leaching of the   nutrients into the land therefore no pollution of waterways. 

   I like many other also thought I could use Organic compost in pots and this would class as Organic but unfortunately this is not the case,Organics has to be      in soil and all the dangers that occur with growing  in-soil have to be controlled