Most commercial systems involve multiple companies been involved and all trying to marry there systems together. We at Hydroponic Growing Systems Ltd have married all these together for you. The grow system to the harvesting are all made by our own manufacturing company in China using the latest technology but simplified to allow the smaller grower to evolve into a modern indoor warehouse grower. We also have our own branded LED Lights that allow us to grow the finest quality around. 

  • As a grower you need to have an automated sow line that can sow multiple seeds. 
  • You need a Germination room 
  • Then you need to be able to transport from this room to a Nursery growing space
  • You then transplant from the Germination Nursery trays into a 'Grow tray'  
  • The Trays are then placed onto the Grow system until ready for harvest.      
  • Of course there are many variables in-between this process that makes it all come together to make a perfect Salad. 
  •  There are many factors that can make a difference to any grower and doing it commercially takes experience and is not found in collage or in a book.   
  • The main factors are in the building and also the lighting. There are many ways to save a fortune when growing inside a warehouse, these can save nearly 40% of your running cost if built correctly.      
  • Many people think using a cheap or a low powered LED save money, again this is not the correct way to go depending upon the crop you wish to grow. 
  • Greenhouses or Warehouse vertical growing we have the experiance to deliver.
 Fresh, Delicious, Nutritious 

Our Salads are not messed with, They are grown from seeds in a controlled environment and given the perfect conditions. Our Salads have flavour beyond belief and bring the wow factor back to Salads.