this is How Peninsula Farms started, back in 2013.

We have completely revamped the way we grow and also dismantled and rebuilt the A-Frames to a more commercial design, as they was totally non-commercial. We have also changed the polythene on half of the greenhouses as it was the wrong type that was put on for the crop grown. Again this was designed for a tomato crop and not Lettuce growing. 

We are the Largest Grower In the Kingdom Of Bahrain and we strive to improve on our standards to make the produce we sell not only fresh but the best. To this end we are the only grower allowed to grow Salanova Lettuce in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We was granted the Certificate on the 1st October 2014 this makes our lettuce the highest quality and the best taste, texture in Bahrain. 

We are investing in machinery to wash, dry and grade the produce making fresh,Clean and ready to eat the moment you buy it.