Our best selling  product line is a Baby leaf salad product that is specifically bred for its flavour and texture. The type of lettuce we use is a ONE CUT lettuce 

this means that the housewife or Chef only has to do one cut and the leaves all fall apart. This is NOT a Lettuce just cut smaller as most "Local Growers think"

it is a completely different product this type of lettuce looks the same as the larger counter parts but has more colour and more flavour so it is more appealing than an ordinary head of lettuce. Top chefs demand quality and a product that looks appealing on a plate.

It also has an extra long shelf life so the store has less waste product therefore helping there bottom line. 

We at peninsula farms are leading the Sustainable growing in The Kingdom Of Bahrain. We want to deliver Quality, Quantity , Reliability and deliver Salads to the people of Bahrain 365 days a year. FRESH LOCAL SALADS Grown in BAHRAIN  for BAHRAIN This deserves your support demand Local produce grown with sustainability in mind ASK for Peninsual Farms Produce